Sunday, 19 April 2015

Term 1 Weeks 8 & 9

Welcome Andreas, Valentina, Terry and Liam who started school this term.

In Room 12 we have enjoyed doing  gonoodle for daily fitness, sharing our news in a small group, writing stories about our news and learning how to read using the pictures to help us.  We made bunny baskets to put eggs in and shaving foam paint Easter eggs. We are already looking like Sunnyhills School experts.  Our favourite activity is playing dress ups together!

We hope you enjoy the photos of our learning journey so far. 


 Valentina sharing her news.

  Terry making good eye contact.
 Andreas using a clear speaking voice.

 Valentina holding the paintbrush like a pencil.

 Liam's yummy Easter egg.


 Valentina reading her story she wrote. 

 Terry colouring his picture plan.

 Liam using Bubble Writer to do handwriting.

                            Andreas using his pointing finger when reading. 

 Liam using the pictures to help him read. 
Valentina using a clear reading voice. 

                          Making Easter Bunny Baskets.

We love dress ups!

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