Thursday, 12 November 2015

Room 12's Learning Assistant Mrs Jackman

Room 12 has been very fortunate to have the lovely Mrs Jackman to assist with the learning this year.

Mrs Jackman's  kind words and encouraging smile has helped us to take risks with our learning.  She tests our ABCs, high frequency words and maths profiles every month.  Miss S uses this information to help inform future teaching.  Mrs Jackman tops up our high frequency word pockets. She also takes small groups of students for Patch Play- which encourages Oral Language interaction, high frequency words groups, ABC groups and fine motor skills groups.  

We thank Mrs Jackman and wish her and her family a safe and happy holiday season.

Mrs Jackman and all the Learning Assistants at Sunnyhills School are a great asset to the foundation learning that takes place in the Junior School. We thank the Board of Trustees and Ms Small for making it possible for us to have our wonderful Learning Assistants!!

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