Monday, 17 August 2015

Safe Journeys

                                           Constable Hotter explaining what we should do
                                          Giving our friends the 'thumbs up' for good choices
"Remember to Stop, Look and Listen"
                                                 Thinking about safe choices!
Let's try!
                                                             Using the inquiry process
                                              What does traffic look like at Sunnyhills?
                                              Look at the different parts of the road.
                                                        What do we need to do?
How can you stay Firewise at home?
                                          Give any matches or lighters you find to an adult
                                          Plan a safe place to meet if there is a fire at home
                                                      Get down, get low and get out!!
                                 If you are in bed find a safe way to get to your meeting place
Valentina is helping fireman Matt to teach Firewise. 


  1. This is all about keeping ourselves safe.

  2. Room 12 I am very impressed with your displays - you have been thinking so carefully about making safe journeys, good for you!
    Mrs Trembath and R20

  3. I love the wonderful work you have done Room 12 on safe journeys, it looks like you all learnt so much from Constable Hotter and the Firewise Fireman. Your photos and wall displays are looking beautiful.
    We appreciate and thank you Miss S for all the hard work and encouragement you do for our children to enhance their learning experience.

  4. Tracey (Blakes Mum)20 August 2015 at 17:33

    Well done Room 12. Your display in the corridor is fabulous. It's important to know about keeping safe. Perhaps you can share all the information you have learnt with your families so they can stay safe too. Well done